1. Finding a System Distribution List

  • Enter name of the distribution list
  • Double click on the distribution list to view the properties

2. Adding/Removing Members to the distribution list

  • This will display the owner of the list. Note: If there is no owner listed this many mean that either there is no owner or a group of owners.
  • Click 'Modify Members' to edit members

  • To add members click [ Add ] and continue to the next step


  • Select the member to be removed and press [ Remove ]
  • Click [ OK ] to save changes

  • Search for the member(s) you want to add
  • Select the member or members(s)
  • Click [ Add -> ] button to add them to the list. Repeat a) to c) to add more members
  • Click [ OK ] when you have finished adding members

  • Review the member list, if you need to change anything return to Step 1 of adding/removing members
  • If you are happy with any changes then click [ OK ]
  • Click [ OK ] to close off all the other windows to complete.